Nigro & Nigro, PC is proud to host this fraud reporting website designed to improve your
organization's defenses against fraud, waste and abuse. We applaud your courage in
coming forward to report your concerns.

Did you know that, according to the ACFE 2010 Report to the Nations:
• 40% of frauds were detected through tips
• 49% of tips came from employees

Through this website, you can anonymously:
• report any incidences of fraud, waste, or abuse.
• report process improvement ideas or efficiency tips.
• report anonymously, or give us your name and contact information.

Reports are examined by a trained, certified fraud examiner. Please be as detailed
as possible in your description of the incidents, conditions, or concerns. 

Safetoreport.com is a members-only service.
If your organization is not an active member of this reporting service, we are
not obligated to respond in any way concerning the information you provide.
If your organization holds a subscription to our monitoring service, we will relay the
information to the appropriate levels of management within your organization.

Log on using your organization’s Access Code and click “File Report” to get started.
If you do not know your organization’s access code you may leave a message on
our Toll Free Hotline: 877-698-4148.

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